About Jolisa

Working along-side seasoned real estate veterans Paul Gavriani and Vincent Falcone, Jolisa Robinson brings a diverse range of marketing and administrative skills to the team. After receiving her BA at Baruch College for Graphic Communications, she pursued a career in marketing, working within a plethora of industries over the years. She has a keen eye for detail with special consideration of imagery and layout for printed and online media. She is also an experienced administrator, proficient in computer information systems and database management.

Jolisa has been creative and tech savvy since childhood with much of what she knows being self-taught, such as learning hypertext markup language at the age of 13. She eventually extended her knowledge of coding languages and became
certified in Web Programming at Hunter College in 2015.

Although a native New Yorker, Jolisa spent her grade-school years in Winston-Salem North Carolina, only to return back to New York for college in 2002 and has been here ever since. Those few years away triggered an endlessly growing love and appreciation for New York City and its diverse culture. During her personal time, she enjoys, cooking, blogging, working out, self-improvement and most importantly spending quality time with her family.